Everybody Loves... George Bush

2008-08-14 04:44:36 by Gerontius

So, I've just uploaded by first Flash movie. Don't know how it will go down... any comments welcome!


Just to give some background. I started on this movie 2 years ago, but quickly decided that my Flash skills weren't up to it so put it to bed while I practiced with some easier projects. I would say my Flash skills still aren't up to it, but I gave it a pretty good go. Any decent animators out there want to do a collab to improve the video, or a collab on any other projects I've got in the back of my head, drop me a line. I think NG needs more serious stuff - PM me if you agree.

The finale with the Bin Ladens was supposed to have them all dancing, but even after optimising the Bin Laden Movie Clip as much as I could, the movie still lagged to buggery when I made them dance. Sorry.


Edited to add: I realise that the movie does not make any criticism of the terrorists themselves, but that was intentional - it's a short movie and best to shoot at only one main target. The lack of criticism should not be interpreted to mean that I condone the actions of terrorists or that I think their actions are in any way justifiable, whatever their grievances and whatever I may think about the War on Terror.